Priscilla Presley: The Only Woman That Stole Elvis’s Heart

Priscilla Presley will forever be remembered as the young girl that stole The King of Rock & Roll, Elvis’s heart. When the public discovered her iconic romance with Elvis, her life changed forever. Before long, she jumped into the spotlight and became an icon, a cover girl and one of the most coveted women of her generation.

However, after a while, the pressures of fame, stardom and maintaining a relationship in the public eye began to be too much. Elvis and Priscilla eventually split up. While Elvis later passed away, his legacy lives on in history as the king of rock and roll. Priscilla is also still remembered as the queen to the king, and her life story is also fascinating. So let’s take a look at the story behind the icon.

Who’s That Girl?

From the very first moment Elvis spotted Priscilla, it was love at first sight. He first met his future wife, Priscilla in Germany, at a party on his military base. He was 24 at the time and Priscilla was living in Germany as her father was a General in the air force.

Source: Las Vegas, Nev..Entertainer, Elvis Presley sits cheek to cheek with his bride, the former Priscilla Ann Beaulieu, following their wedding May 1, 1967, Getty images.

Although at the time they first met, Priscilla was just 15, the pair fell head over heels for each other. Soon after, not even her parents could slow things down. After some time, Priscilla decided to move out of her parents’ house to live with Elvis.

Young Priscila

Before Priscilla even knew Elvis, or first set eyes on him, she was just a fresh-faced young American teen. She already had a certain star quality and model potential. But she was just a young girl, living in Germany with her family.


The young Priscilla wouldn’t have known that one simple meeting would change her life forever. In fact, it would eventually turn from an average teenager into the most coveted girl of the 20th century.

Army Pen Pals

When Priscila met Elvis on the army base in Germany, she was already a huge fan of the rock and roll legend. However, she soon became the attention of his affection too, and before long he was her biggest fan. At the beginning of their romance, he was still serving in the army.

Source: Sixteen year old Priscilla Beaulieu sits before a portrait of a uniformed Elvis Presley as she writes the singer and film star a letter. from the United States Army on March 3, 1960. Wiesbaden, Germany. Getty images.

So the couple initially kept in touch through letters. While understandably, Elvis would have received a lot of fan mail, the letters from Priscilla stood out more than most. These love letters were a little more special.

Standing Out From the Crowd

Soon enough, the couple started to catch the attention of the world’s media. In one of these iconic moments, Priscilla was spotted in the crowd saying farewell to her rock star boyfriend. As the cameras flashed in her face, now the spotlight was really on her.

Source: Newlyweds Elvis and Priscilla Presley, who met while Elvis was in the Army, prepare to board their private jet following their wedding at the Aladdin Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. Getty images

As Priscilla stood out from the crowd, she quickly became the talk of the tabloids. Everyone wanted to know who this lucky girl was, and how she managed to steal the attention of one of the most famous musicians on the planet.

Waiting at the Airport

Since Priscilla was the daughter of a general in the air force, she was used to emotional farewells and welcomes at the airport. However, this time she wasn’t waiting at the military airport in Germany for her father.

Photo by ullstein bild via Getty Images

As the speculation in the media about the young couple began to mount, Priscilla was pictured by the press at the military airport in Germany, waiting for her love. Soon enough, everyone was curious to know more about their relationship.

Moving To the Next Level

Things began to move pretty fast for the couple. By the time Priscilla was 15 years old, she moved out of her parent’s house and they took their relationship to the next level. Before long, Priscilla had moved into Elvis’s house.

Source: Priscilla Beaulieu, Elvis Presley’s “girl back home,” plays a record album by the teen idol. Elvis was serving in the US Army in Germany. Getty images

Evidently, Priscilla was born with star quality, and as her relationship blossomed with Elvis, she started slowly transitioning into a star and celebrity in her own right. Before long, she became a fashionista and a style icon. She was often pictured with her big hair, wearing the trendiest outfits of her time.

The King Put a Ring on His Queen

The iconic couple dated for a few years, before making their relationship official. Eventually, when the time was right, Elvis proposed to his own Queen, Priscilla. The couple tied the knot in a glamorous ceremony.

Photo by Keystone/Getty Images

While everything seemed to be perfect for the iconic couple on the surface, behind the scenes, things weren’t so rosy. There were a few rumors circulating about Elvis’s cheating, and these began to gnaw at Priscilla’s mind. Still, the couple still continued to stay together.

A New Baby

Now Priscilla was now a married woman, she had come a long way from the young teenage girl from the military base, who fell in love with Elvis. Before long, everything changed for the couple once again, and Priscilla fell pregnant.

Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Elvis and Priscilla caught the attention of the world with their news and welcomed a new special addition to their family. They chose to name their new daughter Lisa Marie, and she became the apple of Elvis’s eye. Close friends of the couple would always say that Elvis would do anything for his daughter.

Introducing their New Baby to the World

While Lisa Marie was a welcome addition to the new couple, she was also the center of attention for the world’s media. From the moment she was born, everyone was interested to see the new bundle of joy.

Source: Evis Presley with his wife and daughter as they leave Baptist Hospital

So Priscilla and Elvis introduced their new baby to a crowd of screaming fans. Priscilla made sure her hair was perfectly back-combed as she brought Lisa in a warm blanket to meet their fans. Since Elvis was one of the most famous rock stars on the planet, his daughter Lisa-Marie soon became one of the most adored girls in the world too.

Three’s Company

At the time, Elvis was also good friends with a few other famous faces and musicians in the industry. One of these famous faces was Tom Jones, and he would regularly hang out with Elvis and Priscilla together.


Tom Jones is pictured with his arm around Priscilla, while she was still with Elvis. Soon after this photo, Priscilla and Elvis split up. However, as it turns out, this wouldn’t be the last time he would put his arm around her, and Priscilla continued to stay in contact with Tom.

A New Look

Sadly, the pressures of fame and maintaining a public relationship began to take their toll, and Priscilla and Elvis ended up splitting up. So Priscilla handled the breakup in her own way, by revamping her look.


When Priscilla became single again, she decided to ditch her old signature look, and her trademarked big volume hair. She also made the dramatic decision to dye her hair blonde. Everyone was stunned when she debuted her new blonde look, and her fans loved it.

A New Career

While from a young age, Priscilla had become famous simply by association, now she was single again and had to decide her next move. She had already become a fashion icon in the media, but now everything had changed, and she was responsible for her own fame and career.


Since Priscilla had an established fan base and had captured attention for every fashion move, she decided to venture into the world of modeling. She quickly landed her first modeling job and it was the perfect place to showcase her new iconic blonde look.

Becoming a Model

After Priscilla posed for her first modeling shoot, she became was a modeling sensation. She was already known as Elvis’s ex-wife, so attracted a lot of interest. Still, she also had some other qualities that helped fuel her success.

Photo by Ron Galella/WireImage

Priscilla was blessed with a unique look and her beauty was evident. She also had a star quality and looked like an iconic celebrity. So understandably, her modeling career took off and she began to take the modeling world by storm.

An Exclusive Photoshoot

While Priscilla she continued to intrigue fans with her unique beauty, she was also was still known as the woman who stole Elvis’s heart. So understandably, photographers were lining up to take photo shoots of her.


In one case, she invited the photographers into her Beverley Hills home for an exclusive photoshoot. Sometimes she could be pictured lying by her pool in a bikini, and she also continued to live a glamorous life on the red carpet too. Evidently, even though she was no longer living like a rock star with Elvis, Priscilla still continued to live like a rich and famous star.

From Fashion Icon to Fabulous Grandmother

Priscilla Presley established herself as a fashion icon and continued to enjoy a glamorous lifestyle. Before long, her daughter Lisa-Marie Presley also grew up and had children of her own.


Now Lisa-Marie had transitioned from a fabulous fashion icon to a fabulous grandmother. While Elvis’s legacy lived on in Lisa-Marie, now the Presley legacy continued with her grandchildren. It’s safe to say that the striking family resemblance is uncanny.

A Sophisticated Look

When Priscilla Presley became a grandma, she still managed to hold her crown as a fashion icon. She did change her signature look though. Instead of her blonde locks, Priscilla adopted a more sophisticated style.


Priscilla decided to dye her hair back to brown. This time she opted for a sleeker, straighter style. There’s no denying that it made her look even more sleek and sophisticated. She could even win an award for the most stylish grandma in the industry.

The Grammy Look

Throughout her glamorous life as a model and celebrity, Priscilla has managed to rock almost every look, hair-cut and fashion trend. In 1976, Priscilla stepped out at the Grammy Award red-carpet to wow the crowd with her latest fabulous look.


This time the beauty queen chopped off her trademark long blonde locks and showed off a new mid-length hair cut. No one has ever seen her look like that before, and everyone loved her new blow-out with gorgeous waves. This hairstyle became trendy in the 70s, so she was also a trend-setter.

Priscilla’s Dating Life after Elvis

After Priscilla was no longer with Elvis, she became hot property on the dating scene. One of the famous faces she was linked to was Robert Kardashian. At that time he had already established himself as a mega-successful lawyer and had just split from Kris Jenner.


While the duo looked like a power couple when they posed on the red carpet, their relationship was short-lived. Still, this was just another experience that helped shape Priscilla’s fascinating life story.

Staying On Top Of the Trends

As each fashion craze and hairstyle has come and gone throughout the years, Priscilla has managed to stay on top of the trends. Every time the fashionista showcased a new look, she also wowed everyone as an inspirational style icon too.


In 1973, Priscilla tapped into her talents as a fashionista and became a co-owner of a clothing boutique in LA, called Bis & Beau. The business was a big hit and boasted numerous celebrity clients, from Cher to Barbra Streisand.

That 80’s Look

Throughout each decade, we’re sure the fashion world watched with bated breath to see what her latest look would be. As she continued to step out on the red carpet and rub shoulders with the stars, she would always showcase the latest trends and adapt her style.


So during the 1980s, unsurprisingly, Priscilla transformed her look once again. This time she wowed fans with a modern, shorter and straighter hairstyle. She ditched her 70s waves, and also brightened up her makeup.

More Volume

Over the years, Priscilla has continued to stun fans with her signature blow-out hairstyles. While she had gone through a few different hair phases and lengths, this time she grew her hair to mid-length and dyed it jet black.


While Priscilla was known as the Queen to her King, she also seems to be the queen of volume hairstyles. Although her hairstyle is straighter here, this style is still full of envious volume and she manages to look like a model in every way.

Glamorous Vacations

While Priscilla was known for her glamorous life on the red carpet and her successful career as a model, she was also a bit of a jet setter. So as part of her lifestyle and as part of her job, she got the chance to travel to some of the most glamorous locations.


On one of the vacations, Priscilla went of a deep sea diving adventure. It’s amazing how she still manages to look so fabulous, even in the water. Her hair and makeup always looked flawless, and she definitely proved to be a style icon in every situation.

Venturing Into the World of Business

As her career developed, Priscilla started to venture into the world of business. As she was already an influential icon in the fashion world, she decided to release her own branded products.


One of the products that Priscilla released, was her own signature perfume. Since she had earned her title as a celebrity as the woman that everyone wished they could be, it made sense that she gave her fans the chance to smell just like her.

Continuing Elvis’s Legacy

While Priscilla and Elvis had decided to go separate ways, they had still managed to maintain a good relationship. In fact, their divorce was relatively peaceful and they had come to a mutual understanding. So she got the opportunity to continue his legacy.


Since Priscilla was a huge fan of Elvis Presley, and the woman who got to know him the best, it seemed fitting that she was chosen as the best person to promote Elvis in a Showtime TV special.

Priscilla Opened Graceland to the Public

In 1982, Priscilla continued to honor Elvis’s memory in another way, by opening the doors of Elvis’s infamous estate, Graceland to the public. The mansion that he used to reside in quickly became one of the most iconic tourist destinations in the United States. It even comes at second place to the Whitehouse.


While Priscilla still took the time to continue Elvis’s legacy, she was also still enjoying the life of glamor. She would often be spotted at the hottest spots, like this trendy restaurant in the Big Apple.

Rocking the Chop

Priscilla is incredible, and throughout the 80s, she wore every style like a glove. In this photo, she made sure she was ahead of the trends by rocking a choppy, wavy bob. She also manages to defy the laws of gravity and looks even younger than ever.


Her style was also indicative of different phases of her life. This time she had re-invented her look, with smudged eyeliner and a choppy wild haircut. Around the same time, she was also focusing on another career direction, acting.

Priscilla’s Acting Career

Priscilla had already proved to the world that she was a timeless style icon, model and fashionista. She also proved to everyone that she could become a hit actress. She famously starred alongside Lesley Nielsen in 1988 in ‘The Naked Gun’ movie.


Priscilla proved to be a big hit in the first movie in the police franchise, ‘The Naked Gun: From The Files Of Police Squad!’ She later reprised the role of Jane Spencer in the next two movies in the series.

Heading in the Red Direction

Priscilla proved time and time again, that she could pull off anything she set her mind to. She continued to appear in a few more series throughout her career, including ‘Melrose Place’ and ‘Spin City’. At the same time, she was also continuing to wow fans with new career directions and dramatic new looks.


The style queen stunned fans again when she ventured out with her new red blow-out hair. Priscilla’s new looks were also part of her popular appeal, as she continued to promote her new fragrances.

Pulling Off a Bolder Look

Priscilla really can look incredible in black, blonde and red hair, so we can totally understand why she keeps experimenting. Once she had won fans with her new reddish look, she went even bolder and made a completely new fashion statement with a fiery, red shade.


The fashionista topped off her new intense and bold look with black gloves, and it’s amazing how she could effortlessly transition from a 50s beauty queen to a total flame-haired rebel.

Going Grungy

As she always made a point of keeping up with the changing times, soon enough Priscilla needed another dramatic look. So it was out with the bold and in with the grunge for this style queen.


While some grunge icons wore distinctive comfy clothing and flannel shirts, Priscilla still manages to look like a classy grunge queen. She added a hint of sophistication with a black blazer and smokey eyes. Unsurprisingly, it just worked for her.

Plastic Surgery Rumors

Priscilla always manages to look flawless in every picture, even as though she’s aged through the years. Still, there have been a few rumors circulating in the press through the years, that she has had a little work done.


In 1997, the press started to publish some stories about Priscilla, but she is yet to confirm or deny the rumors. In the meantime, we prefer to believe that she’s found some magical face creams or simply mastered the art of contouring.

Trendy in the 1990s

As Priscilla has aged, it seems like her style got younger and trendier, and in the 1990s, she even rocked butterfly clips. At the time, the trend of short, choppy hair in multiple butterfly clips was all the rage and popularized by movie stars and 90s singers.


It’s fair to say that not many average women could pull off the butterfly look. But for Priscilla, this was no sweat. She was already a pro at mastering new styles and could have even joined the Spice Girls with that look.

Priscilla’s Dating Accessories

Over time, Priscilla has proved unstoppable as a fashion icon, and unstoppable in her career. She’s also managed to capture a few hearts over the years and has been linked to some famous faces. In 2013 she stepped out on the scene with the presenter Toby Anstis.


Priscilla really does get younger and trendier with age and seems to be young at heart. So it seems fitting that she dated Toby who is 25 years younger than her. The pair don’t seem to be together anymore but was sweet while it lasted.

Pulling Off Any Outfit

In the 2000s, unsurprisingly, Priscilla made yet another fashion statement. Part of her appeal is that she can really pull off any look with confidence. She also somehow manages to make any outfit look even more sophisticated.


When Priscilla strutted out at this glamorous night out in a sheer and sexy top, it could have been seen as a little risqué. However, she still manages to look graceful and stand with poise. We also love that she’s still not afraid to experiment with her hair, and opted for a short, blonde style.

Priscilla’s Producing Career

Throughout the years, Priscilla has also ventured out into producing. While she had already proved she could act, she has also helped produce a couple of movies. These include ‘Finding Graceland’ and ‘Breakfast with Einstein’.


Priscilla also continued to celebrate Elvis’s memory, when she became the executive producer of the album ‘If I can Dream: Elvis Presley With the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra’. She later explained how ‘If Elvis were here, he would be evolving and taking risks…like everybody else today.’ Evidently, this is exactly what Priscilla has been doing with her life too.

Priscilla Still Honored Elvis’s memory

In 2004, Elvis was honored for his contribution to the world of music by the UK Hall of fame. To celebrate the prestigious event, Priscilla was also invited to the ceremony. Throughout the years, Priscilla has also honored Elvis in many other ways.


Back in 1984, Priscilla became the chairperson of the Elvis Presley Charitable Foundation (EPCF), which was created to provide services to the community. In 2001, the organization opened Presley Place to provide housing for homeless people. Other initiatives include the Elvis Presley room to encourage music programs and a Scholarship fund for art students.

Priscilla The Leader

Priscilla invested much of her time into many community and charitable organizations throughout the years, including opening Graceland to the public. In 2003, she also became the Ambassador of the Dream Organization to help terminally ill patients.


She also became the chairwoman of Elvis Presley Enterprises. Under Priscilla’s leadership, the enterprise fortunes soared. Over time, the trust became worth over $100 million. It seemed like every venture she got involved with throughout her life, became a success.

The Grammy Awards

In 2007, Priscilla was still rocking the red carpet at the Grammy Awards. While she was successful in business, she was still seen as an icon on the celebrity circuit. As you can also see, she also never fails to surprise the crowd, and unveiled yet another new stylish look.


This time she has gone back to being a flame-haired beauty but has toned it down so it’s not such a bold tone. She also has adapted her style and looks like the successful businesswoman that she has become, in her bold power suit.

A Brighter Look

Throughout the 2000s, Priscilla still continued to circulate on the celebrity scene and was often pictured on the red carpet, looking like a brand new style icon every single time. At this event at Fifth Avenue, as usual, she dressed to impress and unveiled a brighter look, with redder hair.


As Priscilla went through every new phase and new look, it was also significant to what she was going through in her life. At this time, she was very much involved in her charity work, so she adapted her style to show herself as a true chairwoman, as well as a businesswoman.

Priscilla’s Legacy

It’s fair to say that Priscilla has come a long way from the young girl who stole Elvis’s heart in Germany. She became a woman, a wife, a mother, grandmother in her personal life. Priscilla has also established her public persona and has become a successful style icon, model, fashionista, actress, charity chairwoman, producer, and businesswoman.


Priscilla has reinvented herself time and time again through the years and has been successful in everything she put her mind to. She has also invested her time in honoring Elvis’s legacy and continues to promote various charity and community causes. Only time will tell what’s next for this influential icon.

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